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Poverty is the Aftermath of Discrimination, Inequality and Ignorance
PEACE Foundation struggles against this Bane
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Once Upon a Time PEACE Foundation...

PEACE Foundation is a non-profitable and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established with the commitment to eliminate poverty by overcoming the injustices and inequities among the poor and marginalized women and men irrespective of origin, age, religion, nationality, or ethnic. The foundation is determined to support and build partnership with the Bangladeshi Government, the Civil Society and other national & inter- national organizations and aimed at promoting holistic development.

PEACE Foundation prompts community members to involve themselves as main actor of the building of a fair society and cooperates with national and international organizations in line with global development.


Eradication of the social inequalities and challenges facing by marginalized people.

"Touched by the sufferings of marginalized peoples and inspired by their deep longing for a better life, we commit ourselves to educate and train individuals and community for the social transformation of communities through capacity building, Formal and Informal Education, Social Awareness Programs and Research bound by the pur- suit of common values."



The Poverty Elimination And Community Education (PEACE) Foundation is the child's brain of Bangladeshi citizens emigrated in America, who, after a long time of expatriation, felt the need to participate concretely in the development of their own country, and especially of their native place.

PEACE Foundation is born from these reflections and started in January 2007 its first intervention in Muktagasa Upazila under Mymensingh District in Bangladesh with a community development project.

The conception of the organization spreads out in the whole country, involving other Bangladeshi actors, emi- grants or inhabitants, in the huge challenge. The organization based its approach and strategy on the coopera tion, participation, and experience sharing with other Civil Society Organizations and collaboration with the Government.

Since its inception in January 2007, PEACE Foundation has been seeking to promote human rights, gender, economic and sustainable development based on bringing about positive social transformation at community and national level in Bangladesh.



To support community based and gender focused sustainable development initiatives

To embark on gender and human equality campaigns

To empower poor and marginalized groups by providing access to formal or informal education, skills, trainings and entrepreneurship

To enhance opportunities for grassroots people to involve in nation building

To expand the scope and intensity of interaction between the society and such other agencies at national, regional and international level

To contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's)

To promote moderate and progressive interpretation of religion & diversified cultural teachings for
non-violent society, good governance and rule of law

To be a voice for poor and marginalized people for human rights respect, policy change, democracy
strengthening and good governance at the national, regional and international level