Who we are ?
    What we do ?
    Where we work ?
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Poverty is the Aftermath of Discrimination, Inequality and Ignorance
PEACE Foundation struggles against this Bane
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Who we are?
An ideal of democracy, non-violence and fair society
shared by a group of people commited to fight against
poverty, ignorance and discrimination [...]‘

What we do?
Poverty Elimination And Community Education
The name of the organization and a commitment

Our Vision & Values ?
PEACE Foundation seeks to outline its
common commitment to excellence, tran-
sparency and accountability in order to
uphold its legitimacy and values [...]
Where we work?

Bangladesh, South Asia [...]
Our Focus Areas?

Our Programme?
Centre for Women Self-Reliance
Agro-Based Project
Production house
Primary School
Social Mobilization [...]
PEACE Foundation highlights a number of core issues
that are vital in fighting against poverty and enabling
indigent and marginalized people to lift themselves out
of this predicament [...]