Poverty is the Aftermath of Discrimination, Inequality and Ignorance
PEACE Foundation struggles against this Bane
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PEACE Foundation recognizes predominant issues, which hinder the development of the rural area of Bangladesh.The Bangladeshi rural society is still confined in a stigmatisized system, which prevent women as well as men to fullybecome actor of their future. Besides the common beliefs and principles limits the action of women who have no access to productive activities (Generation of income) or community management (Political role, Decision making).

The present project focuses on Women Empowerment and Community Education.

However it does not only address the immediate needs of rural women (practical gender need), but it also focuses on the root causes of women powerlessness. PEACE Foundation implemented the project Women Self-Reliance And Community Education in Avril 2007 in Muktagasa Thana under Mymensingh District.